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     “Collectibles” has become a keyword in the NFT space, especially referring to collections of same-themed NFTs, such as the 10,000 Crypto Punks, or Bored Apes. An integral part of adoption and integration into our rapid convergence towards Web3 and a Decentralized internet are Blockchain Domain names. The most significant, brandable, useable and valuable of these is the .C extension. This provides an inevitable progression and minimalization of .com, supremely short and qwerty-friendly, and which can stand for: Company, Corporation, Capital, Crypto, Coin, Code, Cyber, Cloud and a host of other industry-relevant meanings.


    LE = THE

    A CNS or UNS blockchain domain. Use it to resolve your cryptocurrency addresses and decentralized websites.

  • NFTS.JPGS sold for $15M this August 2022.

    We believe NFTS.JPGS is worth min 10% of the .com.

    We all know NFT’s are more than just JPEGs.

    This is the perfect Web3 domain which describe the NFT world.

    The JPG image file type, typically pronounced jay-peg, was developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) in 1992.

    A 4 letter TLD and SLD