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it is with great pleasure that we, the founders of Web3Domains.Auction share the launch of our new marketplace, which is the world’s most curated Web3 domain collection.

First Sale

We are excited to also announce that in week one in January, 2022, our co-founder DoctorBrand sold ICE.C to ICE.COM, a major US data company. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) purchased the domain from, for the sum of $12,500 USD. ICE’s unique digital networks combine expertise, data and technology, to connect people to opportunity. Doctor Brand, co-founder of Web3Domains, commented that “from the very beginning of the process, ICE showed a full understanding of the huge potential of a blockchain domain name, and the lucrative commercial possibilities that web3 holds. They were very professional, and extremely enthusiastic about being an early adopter within this exciting new ecosystem”. 

ICE.C perfectly complements their ICE.COM current branding, and prepares them for enhanced opportunities at the dawn of a new internet. Indeed, the .C Handshake domain extension is already being touted as the new .COM of the Web3 space, due to its supremely short length, the ultimate reduction of com, and its flexibility to represent industry-relevant meanings such as: Company, Corporation, Crypto, Capital, Coin, Code, Cloud etc. owns the world’s most curated, and comprehensive collection of Web3 blockchain domain names. 

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