The World’s most curated Web3 Domain names collection! 

We are offering an opportunity to a Web3 investor/VC Fund to invest in equity in our entire portfolio, as one single bundle deal, which includes: 

  1. Website which ranks first page of Google for “Premium Web3 Domains”, “Web3 Domains For Sale” and “Web 3 Domains Auction”.

  2. 200,000+ Pageviews

  3. 50,000 Unique Visitors

  4. 350+ premium Web3 HNS, ENS and Unstoppable Domains

  5. We also have an Opensea and Rarible Account 


“The Future is about Strategic Domain Value, especially as a Portfolio of Domain Names. No longer are we in an era where companies only maintain one single domain. We are talking about a portfolio of domains.” Edmon Chung – CEO of Dot.Asia

The collection consists of: 

The largest single word .C Web3 domain collection including the premium: 

CRYPTO.C & BLOCKCHAIN.C  domains which are regarded as the two most valuable .C names in the Web3 space. 

Why invest in the largest .C HNS collection? 

 .Com becomes .C in the new Web3 space.

.C is the shortest Web3 domain extension. It is significant, brandable, useable and flexible. The .C can stand for Corporation, Company, Capital, Commerce, Crypto, Cyber, Cloud, Client, Claims and Cover. It is a natural and much anticipated development and minimalization of .Com, and  supremely qwerty-friendly. 

As well as premium .Token and 10 premium HNS TLDs which are also part of this bundle deal: 

Together with premium EMD – Exact Match Domains on the Unstoppable domains ecosystem:





Web3 is here and thank you to all the pioneers below for making it happen.

To name but a few pioneers from so many participating in this decentralized digital revolution. 

What is Web3 and Why Does it Matter?

Proponents and enthusiasts cite the following advantages of Web3 that we can all look forward to:

✔ Efficiency in search results
✔ Efficiency in browsing for the user as there is better access to information
✔ Change in human interaction with a computer as the end user has complete control over their data by encrypting it
✔ Intermediaries like Apple and Google and even governments will no longer have control over data, services or sites
✔ Digital assets can be transferred and moved quickly and efficiently leading to the distribution of wealth with no barriers
✔ No interruption of services as data is stored in multiple disparate nodes to improve redundancy.
✔ Multiple backups will eliminate interruptions in flow of data
✔ Sharing information will be easier
✔ Harder to adopt fake identity online
✔ Easier to work on the internet since it can be personalized